Service price calculation


Standard service


One of the most time consuming aspect of our standard service is to translate the text you provided. As a result, a major portion of our service charge relates to the cost/time to translate your text. Obviously, this is directly related to the number of words you would like to translate.

According to, the rate to translate from English to Chinese is as shown in the table below.

Language pairAvg. rates per wordAvg. rates per hourSample size
English to Chinese$0.11/wd$0.07/wd$36.36/hr$26.19/hr4347

Currently, Google Play market console allow you to enter 4000 characters for the description, 500 characters for "What's new in this version?"  and 80 characters for the Promo text.

According to, there is around 833 words in 5000 characters.

Assuming you have similar number of words inside your app, we expect to translate around 1,600 words in total.

Using the standard rate, the cost to translate 1,600 words = $0.11x1,600 = US$176.

Compared to the web sites of translation companies, this rate seems to be on the low side. E.g. translation of 1,600 words using will cost you US$240 and will cost you around 160 Euro, i.e. US$220.

These are services that blindly translate the text you provide without even looking or testing your applications. This means the translation are probably not correct/ideal when used in the context of your application.

Considering the additional time to test your application to find/see the text inside your app, interact with you to make sure the text we provide make sense and providing both simplified and traditional chinese translation, we believe that it is reasonable for us to charge you a higher rate than the traditional translation services. A premium around 50% on top of the typical rate seems reasonable to us. This means we believe it is reasonable for us to value our translation cost at around US$300.


As you probably know, piracy is worse than you can expect in China compared to the western world and you must take all necessary precaution to protect your intellectual property, especially the ad network and in-app purchase accounts you are using inside your app. It is necessary to encryption your app to prevent anyone from decompiling your app, replace your ad account inside your app or inject miscellaneous code, recompile it and then distribute it.

Together with our standard service, unless you opt-out, we include Android app encryption for every app you sent to us to translate and publish in China. On the market, similar commercial encryption service is valued at somewhere between US$59 to US$999.


In contrast to the western world, there are over 200 Android app stores in China. In fact, our data indicates there are actually around 274 app stores in China. Since it would be time consuming to submit to all of these stores. We believe it is sufficiently effective to simply publish your app to China's top Android app stores. Obviously, different app stores provide different options/fields for app submission, e.g. one may allow more screenshots than another and one may provide shorter description field than another. It is inevitable that minor adjustment is required during app submission.

Furthermore, unlike Google Play store, all the China app stores manually screen every app after app submission and may decide to decline your app if it violates its rules/regulations. It is possible that app modifications and/or interactions with the app store is required.

In other words, we can expect to spend considerable amount of time when trying to publish your application to these stores. Based on our hourly rate which is no less than the standard translation hourly rate, we believe this service is valued at around US$100.

If you add up those numbers above and add transaction fees (e.g. Paypal's), it will total at around US$500. Converted to AUD, this is the price we charge for our standard service.

Custom service

We have explained how we calculate our standard service charge above. For custom service, we use similar rules to derive our service fees. In other words, if your app/description contains more words  than we have estimated, we will charge you extra fee based on similar per word rate. If the service you requires is not related to translation, we will estimate the fee based on the expected amount of time required multipled by our hourly rate.