China mobile gaming revenue 2013


ABI Research (March 2013) expects: apps to generate revenues of $25 billion in 2013; $16.4 billion will come from smartphone apps and $8.8 billion from tablet apps. Of this $25 billion, 65 percent will come from Apple’s iOS ecosystem, 27 percent from Google’s Android, and the remaining 8 percent from the other mobile platforms.

2013 China Gaming Revenue

CocoaChina estimates that the entire size of the Chinese app ecosystem will reach $1.2 billion in 2013.

2013 China Mobile Gaming Revenue Share

Android consists of 80% the pie with growth rate at 100% QoQ. - Reported by techcrunch (2013)

At the mean time, US mobile gaming revenues will reach to $1.78 billion in 2013, consisting of US$746 million, 41.9%  from paid download, US$737 million, 41.4% from in-game purchase and US$297 million, 16.69% from advertising. - eMarketer (2013)