China's top Android app stores 2013


Unlike the western world where there are only a few major Android app stores, there are over 200 Android app stores in China. The reason for that is pretty simple. All the Android devices, including handsets from Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, etc sold in China through official channels do not carry Google services, including Google Play stores. This effectively creates a walled/gated garden for China's Android devices. In China, what you get is handset preinstalled with the carrier and/or partner app stores' app.

A good example to illustrate this is to look at handsets made by a China based company that is well known in the western world. If you look up guides on how to install Google market on any of Xiaomi mobile, such as Mi2A, you will find articles like this one, illustrating the fact that handsets destinated for China do not contain Google services and Play store.

Without Google services preinstalled, this provides an immerse opportunity for carriers owned and independent app stores to proliferate in China, resulting in around 274 known Android app stores today (April 2014). Fortunately, the top app stores command around 80% of the market, so it is good enough to simply publish your app to the top stores. According to various sources, as pointed out by and CocoaChina, those below are the top app stores in China for 2013.


Mobile Carriers' app store

China android app store market distribution 2013 Q3 below as reported by EnfoDesk

China Android App store market share 2013

In case you are considering to release your app as a paid app to China's app store, aside from the problem that you need a China based bank account and partner to get the payment, you might be pleased to know that China app stores also charge similar rate as Google play, 30% commission on app sales. For more information on this, take a look at appflood's article - Chinese app store and channel revenue share deals.