DailyRoads Voyager


Listed On Google Play Market for ~5 years (Before)

DailyRoads Voyager 1.0 was first launched on Google Play market on 30th December 2009. The last recent release in China app store was version 2.1.2 in 27th August 2012. Since then, the author have neglected the China market for 2 years despite knowing its massive potential.

As of 23th August 2014, on the Googe Play developer console, it shows there is 1,782,097 total installs by users with 322,139 current installs. In the top 4 countries, 399,791 (22.43%) installs of comes from Russia, 183,160 (10.28%) installs comes from Taiwan, 77,823 installs (4.37%) comes from Ukraine and 61,653 (3.46%) installs comes from United States. As you see in the market console screenshot below, China is not listed. This means China's Play store download market share for Dailyroads Voyager is less than 0.84%.


If we look at Dailyroads Voyager via Flurry which tracks all users and app installs regardless of the download source, the marketshare of the different countries is completely different. Flurry reports a total of 2,803,563 unique users with 46,110 active users. If we look at the new users map across all time, we can see 1,905,632 (67.97%) installs from Asia, out of which 521,149 (18.59% of total) installs comes from China.

In the last version of Dailyroads that was released in China's app store, there is a hard coded expiry date which would have forced all users who downloaded Dailyroads from those store to stop using it by now. In addition, the utilization of Google services API means unless the user's phone contains Google services, you cannot use Dailyroads Voyager even if you downloaded it from Dailyroads Voyager's web site. The image below shows the new users map across all time in Asia, the majority being those who had previously used the special version 2.1.2 without Google map. In other words, the total numbers of China users can be considered 2 year old stats from those users who had previously used the special version 2.1.2 without Google map because Play store stats indicates that current install in China is less than 0.84% (15,000).

The image below shows the total number of new users from China as recorded by Flurry from 08/24/13 to 08/24/14. Given the fact that Android devices sold in China do not contain Google services, this means these China based users we see on Flurry are likely those who had Google services installed and sideloaded Dailyroads Voyager from Dailyroads Voyager's web site. The probability that they had downloaded it from Play store is low as Play store indicates that current install in China is less than 0.84% (15,000). Though we could speculate that a fair portion of these new users are those who installed the old special version 2.1.2 without Google map. Over this one year period, flurry reported a total of 800,897 new users world-wide, these 232,178 new users from China accounts for 28.99%. This is a significant number considering that the average users cannot install/use Dailyroads, accounting for almost half of the historical total of new users from China.


After Listed On Top China App Store (After)

To be continued...