How do we compare?


Obviously, we are not the only ones providing China app publishing service. We are aware of a few China based companies offering similar service. The table below compares our service to theirs based on information on their web site. We hope this table can help you make an informed decision.

ServiceWalled Android GardenYodo1Appsbox
Costfrom US$100Revenue shareRevenue share
Provide source code-Yes?
App typeAnyGames onlyAny
Who control your Ads accountYouYodo1?
Who control your in-app paymentYouYodo1?
Revenue goes direct toYouYodo1Appsbox
Encrypt your appYes??
App modification/recompilation monitoringYes??
Misc servicesYes??
Company based inNZChinaChina
Transparent serviceYes??
China user supportYes??
General consultingYes??
Guaranteed to help youYes--

We are not sure if Appsbox provide the same service as Yodo1 but we suspect they are trying to do something similar. As quoted from techcrunch, "Yodo1 emphasizes a “co-production” model instead of a pure publishing model. That means they have direct access to a mobile game’s code base and they actually change the look and feel of the game with localized graphics and music." Our service here on the other hand is different, we have no interest to gain access to your source code. We prefer to let you manage your own source code, something that we believe most developers would agree. If you requires, we could provide advise on how you could possibly localize your app to suit chinese users as well as make the necessary arrangements to make localization possible.

Feel free to let us know if we miss something.