China statistics

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Cost to acquire Chinese users 2013


As reported by Distmo's February 2013 issue, for China, the average cost per install of an IOS user is US$0.90 while the average revenue per install is US$1.13. The average profit margin per install is only US$0.23, around 20% of the average revenue per install.

This data is probably not relevant for Android but it is noteworthy as an reference until more detailed Android based data is available.

China's top Android app stores 2013


Unlike the western world where there are only a few major Android app stores, there are over 200 Android app stores in China. The reason for that is pretty simple. All the Android devices, including handsets from Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, etc sold in China through official channels do not carry Google services, including Google Play stores. This effectively creates a walled/gated garden for China's Android devices. In China, what you get is handset preinstalled with the carrier and/or partner app stores' app.