About us


This web site, Walled Android Garden is owned and operated Portable Electronics Ltd.

Portable Electronics Ltd is a 100% New Zealander owned and operated company. We are a registered limited liability company in New Zealand. Our company number is 1805301. We are also GST registered and our New Zealand GST registration number is 93-820-061. We are registered in Australia as well and our ABN number is 31997329955. We are not a newly registered company, we have been in operation since 2006 and have very good reputation selling physical products, mainly electronics related on Trademe, the NZ equivalent of ebay.

Since the advert of Android, we have been trying to crack this market in different ways. The launch of this web site is one of our many attempts to monetize and take advantage this era of smartphones. Prior to this, we have been working with OEMs in China, developing hardware/software solution for them. We have good knowledge and connections in China. At the same time, we are also working on other software systems such as Live Parcels and 247timelapse in addition to Android appsHence, we do have a very good idea on the sort of problems that software developers often encounters, how software development works and what developers need to consider.

Through our own work/experience in Android, we noticed that the impact of China on Android marketshare have reached a point that every Android developer must pay attention to. For more examples, please see our case studiesIn order to assist developers to understand this phenomenon and to help you crack this market, we have launched this web site offering services and information that you will need to gain significance marketshare and monetize in China.

We are not the first ones to realized this and we see other China based companies have also started offering similar services. However, we believe we are the first non-China based company offering such services and we believe we can offer you services in ways that those China based company don't. For example, those China based companies demand to share your revenue but we don't. In fact, we try our best to let you retain direct control of your app as much as we can and find ways for you to monetize your app without having a China revenue sharing partner. In contrast, those companies are likely to demand or require you to integrate China based services that you can never have direct control of because those services does not have english interface/support and requires China bank account/payout methods. Imagine what would happen if those companies decide to turn their back on you and refuse to sent the agreed revenue. What options do you have then?